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exhaust tail gas recovery purification and recycling device
Application field:

Applicable to LED tail gas, silicon epitaxial tail gas, monocrystalline silicon polycrystalline silicon production tail gas, heat treatment plant protection gas emissions.


● Front tail gas recovery and treatment system (consistent with production unit)
● The use of high efficiency catalyst, a variety of processes, high recovery.
● Safe and reliable -- fully automatic operation, with perfect alarm, chain scheme
● High cost performance - small investment, low operating costs, high economic benefits.
● Crowbar equipment
● Gas treatment capacity 100-2000nm3 /h
● The security alarm function is perfect
● Remote cloud service is available

In recent years, our company responded to the call of the national industrial policy, and vigorously carried out research and development work on energy conservation, emission reduction, energy conservation and environmental protection, circular economy technology and products. In large-scale integrated circuits, LED, photovoltaic solar energy, silicon epitaxy, metal heat treatment and chemical industry exhaust gas recovery and purification, breakthrough results have been achieved, creating considerable economic and social benefits for related industries and enterprises.

Annealing furnace gas recovery and purification device

For the discharge of cold rolling annealing furnace

(continuous withdrawal furnace, bell furnace)

production line Exhaust gas is purified by a combination

of technologies such as catalysis, adsorption, and

membrane separation After meeting the requirements

for use, it can be recycled after compression to recover

the utilization rate>80%.

Propylene cryogenic rectification liquid phase recovery device

Starting from the exhaust gas vented by the small

body polypropylene normal temperature condensation

recovery device,The liquid phase propylene is recovered

through the drying step and the low-temperature rectification

step in this order. Low temperature The system is cooled

by the freezing unit, the equipment is simple, and the

operation is convenient.

Chlor-alkali hydrogen recovery and purification device

Use a combination of scrubbing, PSA, catalysis,

TSA technology, from chlorine Alkaline hydrogen

is used to produce high-purity hydrogen. Raw material

hydrogen is removed by alkaline washing, water washing,

etc. In addition to removing large amounts of chlorine,

the dry adsorption process removes trace chlorine from

the gas in a deep dechlorination process, Depth of removal

can reach 0.1ppm. Then through the compression and

catalysis steps, The two tower adsorption process removes

O2, H2O, CO2 and other impurities in the gas before sending

From the point of use, the removal depth can be up to 0.1 ppm.