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PSA to produce high-purity hydrogen
Application field:

Steel, coal, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and so on


● In terms of process flow -- with local conditions from the actual characteristics, according to the composition of raw gas, pressure, product quality, plant size can reasonably combine TSA, PSA, VPSA technology together, to provide users with the most perfect, economic process solutions;

● In terms of adsorption tower -- according to the airflow distribution structure of adsorption tower designed by various domestic and foreign companies, a new structure with better gas distribution effect and smaller bed dead space has been successfully developed and applied in industry.

Low in adsorbent - the state key laboratory of dalian compound itself to study gas separation of the adsorbent used, at the same time, in view of the domestic and international main adsorbent manufacturer production adsorbent a large number of experimental comparison, has developed a variety of excellent performance, price moderate industrial adsorbent, one of the world's leading level in the sector;

● In the control system -- choose Siemens PLC, which is widely used in the industry, to ensure the stability and reliability of the user's automatic control system (you can also choose other company's products according to the user's requirements, no matter PLC or DCS system). In terms of the control function, it can realize the continuous automatic (hand) movable cutting tower and recovery operation, the self-adaptive adjustment of the final rise of the pressure of variable pressure adsorption and washing pressure, automatic optimization of device parameters, system safety interlock and other functions, reaching the advanced level of foreign countries.

Low in terms of program control valve - technical requirements for PSA program-controlled valve has a particularly long service life, high seal grade, fast switching speed adjustable (and) wait for a characteristic, screened a number of well-known both at home and abroad the latest triple eccentric valve factory produces metal sealing butterfly valve, in the case of a user device safe and reliable no leakage (1 million times the switch), give full consideration to the economic interests of the users, ensure that provide users with the best cost-effective program control valve. At the same time, our company can provide according to the needs of customers, whether pneumatic drive or hydraulic drive of the programmed valve drive system.