Dalian Zhongding Chemical Co., Ltd.

is a national high-tech enterprise jointly established by experts and professors in the field of gas purification for many years in Dalian Institute of Chemical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, with a registered capital of 20 million yuan.

The company mainly produces: ultra-pure gas purifier;Catalyst, , Getter;UltrapureOn-site gas supply and operation management; PSA device; industrial tail gas recovery Device. Where N2, H2,O2,Ar, He and other gas purity Reaching 9N, the single impurity is removed to 0.1ppb.

The company has a research and development center and analysis and testing centerInvention and utility model patents.

The company's ultra-pure gas purification Deviceis widely used among scientific research and development Multiple industries field, include semiconductor,LSI,MAMS, LED, TFT, single crystal/poly-crystalline silicon and silicon epitaxy,Photo-voltaic ,llurgy, petrol , silicon carbide, gallium nitride and so on.

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