Zhongding Chemical was invited for media interview 2018.12.04

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Dalian Zhongding Chemical Company, as an award - winning enterprise of energy conservation and emission reduction, has been widely concerned. On November 16th, I received a special interview from a news broadcast group of Dalian TV station.

In the morning, two journalists from THE TV station came to the company and had a profound conversation and interview with qiu Changchun, general manager of the company, on the current situation and development of the company. Accompanied by technicians, I came to the workshop to understand the production environment and equipment of the company's products.

Through in-depth understanding, the reporter highly praised and affirmed our company, and expected that through their truthful report, zhongding's products can be applied to more fields, so as to better solve gas problems for enterprises and make due contributions to social energy conservation and emission reduction.