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Ultra-pure gas on-site supply and operation management
Application field:

LED, TFT, IC, MAMS, LARGE scale integrated circuit, photovoltaic solar energy, research institute laboratory building; Steel industry, petrochemical industry, glass industry and other large and medium-sized gas units.


● Ultra-pure gas -- 20 years of experience in the production of ultra-pure gas purification equipment, which can provide up to 9N ultra-pure industrial gases;
● Safety and stability -- mature gas supply scheme, strict management system, professional team service, to ensure the safety and stability of gas supply operation;
● Professional worry - scientific design, professional construction, training services, turnkey project for users to save energy;
● Economic flexibility -- flexible and changeable gas supply way to solve the financial pressure for users;

Schematic diagram of field gas supply

With ultra-pure gas pure body system as the core, supporting uninterrupted gas source system and clean pipeline system, it can provide on-site gas station construction, operation, equipment rental, gas supply and other services for user,research institutes and laboratories in the electronics industry such as LED and IC , Can provide ultra-pure, stable gas for the entire factory or a single workshop, laboratory building.

service method

●General contracting construction of gas station: scheme design, construction, instructor recruitment, personnel training, until stable operation;

●Operation management of gas station: the professional team is responsible for contracting the operation and maintenance of gas station to ensure uninterrupted and stable gas supply;

●Gas Supply: For users with tight funds, they can directly invest in the construction of gas stations and charge fees according to usage;

● Equipment lease: For customers with tight funds or short-term gas consumption, provide gas equipment by lease;