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high-efficiency catalytic adsorption material
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Electronics, scientific research and experiment, industrial fields


Zhongding Chemical inherits decades of purification material development experience of the Institute of Compounds of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and keeps developing on this basis, mastering the core patent technology, producing a variety of high-efficiency purification materials suitable for gas purification field, and ensuring the purification effect.



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Deoxidizing adsorbent

Deeply remove oxygen, water and carbon dioxide from the gas.

Multifunctional adsorbent

One-time deep removal of oxygen, water, hydrogen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide from the gas.

Color changing deoxidizing adsorbent

Deeply purify the oxygen, water, and carbon dioxide in the carrier gas and the experimental gas, which is convenient for observing the change of the capacity and provides a reliable guarantee for the laboratory.

Olefin deoxygenation adsorbent

Ethylene gas phase deoxygenation, liquid phase deoxygenation of hydrocarbons above C3

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Deoxidation catalyst

Deep deoxygenation of hydrogen-rich gas or hydrogen-depleted gas at room temperature

Dehydrogenation catalyst

Oxygen-enriched gas or oxygen-depleted gas at room temperature for deep dehydrogenation

Oxidation catalyst

Deeply remove reducing impurities such as hydrocarbons (including methane) in the gas, and still have a certain oxidation ability in an oxygen-poor environment

Carbon dioxide oxidation catalyst

Deeply remove reducing impurities such as oxygen and hydrocarbons (including methane) in carbon dioxide, with long-lasting activity

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Rare gas getter

Deeply remove nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, and water impurities in rare gases

Hydrogen getter

Deeply remove nitrogen, oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, and water impurities in hydrogen

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Select hydrogenation catalyst

Unsaturated hydrocarbon selective hydrogenation catalyst to remove unsaturated hydrocarbon impurities and increase yield

Crude benzene hydrogenation catalyst

Crude benzene hydrorefining to saturate aromatic hydrocarbons and remove sulfides and nitrides

Organic sulfur hydrolysis catalyst

Catalytic conversion of organic sulfur in synthesis gas, light hydrocarbons, hydrogen and other gases

Desulfurization adsorbent

Suitable for the removal of hydrogen sulfide from various gases in petrochemical and coal chemical industries

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NOX purification  catalyst

Removal of industrial exhaust gas and NOX in the atmosphere

Organic matter oxidation catalyst

Removal of organic impurities in exhaust gas, process workshop, laboratory exhaust gas

Dedicated adsorbent

Sulfur hexafluoride purification adsorbent